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when we die When We Die


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Ask yourself this question:
If there are so many different beliefs ... how can they all be right? 
It's crazy isn't it? 


Think about it ...all of these beliefs are in conflict with each other.



How Can They All Be Right?



It's impossible for all these conflicting beliefs to be true.

Someone who thinks we die and "stay in the ground" is way different than someone who thinks "we have the potential of becoming a god" or "we're reincarnated".


So how do you deal with this obvious conflict?


The first thing is to resolve, within yourself, that this truth is worth seeking out. We all think we have another day, month, year or decade to live ... but we know, deep down, that we're not guaranteed another day.


Second thing is to decide now that you will make it your mission to get this, important question, answered for yourself and your family.


One great way to figure this out is to use the conscience that you've been given.  You have a conscience that when pushed and tested leads to one answer.


In other words ...


We believe that God has given You ... a conscience. He did it to prove to you that He is real and that you need Him.  There must be one correct answer ...


Can we prove that to you?  Yes, we think so ... the bible makes it very clear to us.


Better yet ... a good start is by watching the videos below.  Prove it to yourself by opening up your conscience. 






Watch below as people on the street are asked some interesting questions that make
them question their own conscience. It's called "The Good Person Test"


These questions in the video help us all to grasp how important
it is that we know for sure what happens when we die.



searching for truth

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when we die


Now that you've seen others take this "Good Person Test" -- How about you?

Are you ready to take a serious life changing look at yourself - this is NOT a 'good person test' below.


I promise ... it's good news at the end, just like you saw in the video above ...

If you're ready to be honest with yourself ...



good person test

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Now that you've been to both sites above ...




Here's what we'd like you to remember from all of this ... 

  1. We all have sinned greatly in God's sight 
  2. We can't earn our way into heaven no matter how 'good' we are 
  3. Jesus suffered and died on our individual behalf ... taking our punishment 
  4. Jesus rose from the dead and is seated in heaven as Lord.  That's something that sets Jesus Christ apart from all other beliefs. 


So what is your response to all this supposed to be in order to receive the assurance of salvation? 

  1. Actually, God has made this very simple. There's no special rituals or accomplishments that you need to do to 'earn' salvation.
  2. It's more of a response to the truth of what Jesus did on the cross and who He is.
  3. We must truly be sorry for our sins ... it's called --- repentance --- Not an insincere sorry, but a true sorrow for your sins and sinfulness. (just think about how sorry you feel when you do something to hurt someone else --- it's a sincere regret/sorry for the suffering that Jesus took on your behalf).

    When you see your sin for what it is against God ... then this is / should be a natural reaction. (again, just like you have when you truly feel sorry for hurting someone else) 
  4. We must place our full trust and dependence for salvation on Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross. (realizing that you or I can't earn our way ... the video's above show that our goodness doesn't stand up in front of God --- that's why He sacrificed His own Son ... for us)

    There's no magic to it:
    - He was crucified for our sins
    - Our response is to receive His free gift of salvation by faith.
  5. It's by faith in Jesus that we are saved. Simply call out to Him with a true heartfelt confession, repentance and declaration that you are now placing all of your trust and faith in Jesus Christ and what He did for you on the cross.
  6. It's not a formula. It's not a method. It's not just praying a prayer.

    It's understanding that Jesus took your place and now you receive His gift and thank Him for this gift.

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when we die When We Die